Our Services

John Allen, Director of Technology, has many years experience in all aspects of the thin film industry, from thin film design and process development, through to production manufacture and coating facility management.  The company provides solutions for clients, targeting the high precision thin film market.

Recent Activities 

AJ Thin Films has been very busy since its formation in May 2009. As well as attendance at major optics and photonic technical conferences, some of the recent activities include:

  • Design and development of a rugate this film coating onto a plastic lens surface for a virtual imaging application
  • Support for a precision optics thin film coating company in providing theoretical designs and quotations
  • Working in collaboration with a company in the optical design layout and associated coatings for a spectral measurement system
  • Thin film design support for a novel Head-up displays application
  • Providing process support for an off-shore thin film company
  • Training in the principles of thin film design for a client with thin film capability
  • Providing a report on coatings technology and advice on further investment in coating systems
  • Novel AR coating design for high performance photo-voltaic devices


Services offered by AJ Thin Films include:

  • Thin film coating design for customers applications.
  • Process development and integration into existing coating systems.
  • Optimisation of processes to improve performance, reliability and reproducibility to increase yield.
  • On site training of customers personnel.
  • Working with clients to establish their requirements for thin films.
  • Assistance in specifying new or pre-owned coating systems.