John at the Moscone Centre San Francisco 2010



Welcome to AJ Thin Films Consultancy

AJ Thin Films Consultancy has had another busy year in 2011-2012. A major milestone in this period has been the formation of a new thin film manufacturing company, Orion Photonics Ltd, which is a joint venture between AJ Thin Films and Wordentec Ltd, a coating systems manufacturer also located in Devon. Orion Photonics has also had a very successful year in supplying precision optical coatings intenationally to commercial and defence organisations, but also allows AJ Thin Films to have access to a significant development capability in plasma assisted optical coatings.

Isabella and I would like to thank all our clients and customers for your support and we hope to continue to develop relationships in the next 12 months.

Optical thin films play a vital role where light is manipulated. Thin films are used to create optical coatings in such diverse applications from low emissivity coatings in architectural glass to anti-reflection coatings on spectacles, from lasers in surgery and dentistry, to avionics, military and commercial Head-up Displays. 

Thin film technology has transformed the way we communicate through fibre optics and the way we see the world. Even the technology of spectacles and antireflection coatings are the result of many years design and development. AJ Thin Films is a company specialising in the design and development of thin film processes for organisations where optical coatings are of strategic importance.

Particular areas of expertise include:

  • Rugate filters
  • Coatings for Head-up displays
  • Graded combiner coatings
  • Laser protection filters
  • Dichroic and trichroic filters
  • Coatings for laser surgery
  • Non-polarising beamsplitters
  • Multiple band antireflection coatings